I have wasted so much money in the past trying to find boots for my dog. Finally my prayers are answered. I read an article on buzz feed I think about a Manhattan dog owner developed it for her dog. Thank you !thank you !thank you . I’ve added a video of my dog and you can see he’s jogging without any gait problem or discomfort . I’ll buy it again 🤗 - Tin Lynn Win


These are amazing!

I absolutely love them...I did find out they are not definitely for running...she loves to chase that ball ...but when we go play in snow....we love them! She doesn't fight to put them on at all. Thank you. I hope they are a big hit. - Amy Guagliano

Finally, a product that really works!! Not only does it keep my dog’s feet dry, but his legs, too! The snow sticks to his legs like Velcro and there is no drying them off; he would just have to defrost and then the carpeting would be wet everywhere.

He walks totally normal with Walkee Paws, too. No more frozen paws this winter; priceless. Thank you!
— Diane G Cleveland
We have tried numerous brands of dog booties over the years but our pup did not seem happy or comfortable with any of our purchases. I’m proud to say that Walkee Paws is the answer! We started using these dog leggings a few months ago and the entire family, including our pup, loves them. To my surprise, they are really easy to put on. Simply slip on to each paw and tighten up the strap.

The strap is a fantastic feature since it helps to keep the leggings secure, without their paws falling or slipping out (which we experienced many times using dog boots). The best part is our canine seems genuinely comfortable and happy wearing the leggings.

He can move freely and walk comfortably. They are also super soft and stretchy. No wonder he likes them so much!
— Rebecca Symon

These are great ! And my dog doesn't even mind them

I’m actually so pleasantly surprised… went on super easy, stayed on, and he didn’t seem to mind them.

Within a few minutes he was running up and down the stairs in our house acting like he didn’t even care they were on. Plus they are worth the price just for the laugh 😂😂

- Teri Roberts, Amazon Customer


@rockerthefrenchie in WalkeePaws

Easy and works well

My 15-year-old dog still loves the snow. But his feet collect ice, and street salt is terribly painful for him. So we've used various booties for years. All of the ones we've tried either fall off easily or are very hard to put on. Walkee Paws is a great compromise. They go on easily and stay on well (a few adjustments along the way help). In regular snow or rain they seem to keep his feet dry. However, on a walk yesterday through 6 inches of snow that had turned to slush and streams of water, his feet got pretty wet (so did mine through my "waterproof" hiking boots"). But there were no signs of any pain from the street salt. All in all, I say it's a very smartly designed product. - Brett Deutsch

Finally found paw covers that work. Slipped on my dog’s paws and he ran outside and they didn’t fall off. Great for rainy/muddy days. No need to wash his muddy paws in the shower every time he goes outside.
— Marz
I absolutely LOVE these. I’ve bought so many different shoes for my dog Zoe and most of them were off before we reached the end of the block.

Walkee paws stay on and keep her paws clean. She walks perfectly in them and they do not restrict her movement at all.
— Manisha Idnani
Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 5.06.56 PM.jpg

Easier than dog boots!

First, how can you not love that they’re called dog leggings?! I bought a size medium for my Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Anytime it’s wet outside, her legs would be soaked after a walk. Tried these for the first time, and they were so much easier to put on than dog boots and shoes - and her legs were dry after a walk in our yard in the rain.

My yard also has some bare spots with no grass, so I am absolutely thrilled that I will not have to wash her legs every time she goes to those muddy parts of the yard when it’s raining. So clever - and it works! - Amazon Customer

I have been looking for something perfect to cover my dogs’ paws for a very long time. I have very small dogs, so most boots were too heavy and wouldn’t stay on, and rubber boots were like balloons and too tight on the legs. When I ordered the dog leggings, I thought they looked funny and stiff, and would have liked more of a color/pattern selection. However, now, after the first walk, I am thoroughly pleased and would not ask for anything more. They stayed on the entire time, and my dog got used to them right away. Paws stayed dry and did not get cold in the frost. We wear our boots/shoes. Why shouldn’t a dog be as comfortable as possible as well? I am thrilled.
— Lee
Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 5.00.25 PM.jpg

Four Clean Paws

My dog Oliver doesn’t mind these, and that’s saying a lot! He always kicks off boots so I said, “what if someone makes boots with suspenders?”... and here they are! They’re easy to put on and off, and stay on while walking. They look pretty normal when I put a sweater on top, but you may get some funny looks without it. Worth the clean paws, though! For sizing, use the chart on their website. My dog is 23 lbs. but long and short. He fits a medium (the picture with a little loose booty shows user error as you can adjust the tightness) - Amazon Customer

These two pair were purchased for a 30 lb mini golden doodle (medium) and a 15 lb mini golden doodle (small). They fit perfectly. I got them because we hike muddy trails and their feet get caked with mud. Although, I did get tears of laughter in my eyes, these worked like a charm.

I was surprised that both dogs didn’t seem to notice they had them on. After a few minor adjustments to the tension, they stayed in place for the entire hike. If you look at the pictures you’ll see that the boots don’t help if your dog rolls in the mud....her feet were clean though!
— Amazon Customer
Got this as a gift for my dog! I am In love with them! So comfy, not hard to put on him and he does not mind them at all! Super convenient for apartment and dog owners keeps them from getting their paws dirty and dry!
— Claudia Ortiz
Our backyard turns into a med hole during the rainy season. We have a white cream colored 30 lb. bichonpoo and it was a nightmare . These have saved his fur and our time of bathing and grooming! Excellent idea and easy product to use. Thank you!!
— Jeanne Brennan
Thanks for such an awesome product! I have been searching for something like this forever! My dogs hate boots but love these! I just got my medium size for my terrier and can’t wait to get the small I ordered for my chihuahua. I posted this little video clip of my american hairless terrier in the AHT group facebook page. Those people love dog clothes and boots. It should generate a little more business for you. Not that you need it, being sold out right now. Just thought I’d share my experience and video with you.

This is my dog’s very first time in boots and he just took off running so well.
Thanks again!
— Brooke Monroe