Story of Walkee Paws


I’m Lisa Baronoff and I own a beloved Cocker spaniel dog named Toffee. Like many of you, I love my dog and treat him as part of our family. He sleeps in our bed every night!

I live in Manhattan and have been concerned about the dirt and germs Toffee tracks into our home after outdoor walks on the dirty pavements. In the rain and snow there is even more mess with his wet paws and I’m concerned with him ingesting dangerous street chemicals and snow melt by licking his dirty paws.

Convinced there was a way to preserve my home’s cleanliness and protect my dog, I embarked on a mission to find a workable solution. During my search, I tried every option on the market. Wipes and washes were too messy and left Toffee’s paws wet , and all of the booties were uncomfortable. More so, not only were the booties hard to get on, but they would eventually fall off.

That’s when I decided there had to be a better option. My development and marketing experience in toys and pantyhose gave me the inspiration for the first Walkee Paws prototype. I cut a pair of my old pantyhose into little leggings, made to connect over Toffee’s back so the pantyhose stayed in place. The pantyhose acted like a sling, making the whole experience easy and comfortable for Toffee and they stayed on! From here, the idea for Walkee Paws was born.

Inspired by the versatility of the pantyhose, my team developed a 4-way stretch fabric and patent-pending tightening tool designed for maximum comfort for Toffee. With the athleisure trend in full force for humans, dogs need leggings for outdoor walks too. Today, Walkee Paws is the only dog legging brand on the market.

This process was tedious, with lots of trial and error during the development stage. The paw area took the longest amount of time. We needed the material to be comfortable and thin enough so Toffee could feel the ground while he was walking, yet strong enough to withstand water, pavement, snow, and general wear-and-tear from outdoor walking.

I use Walkee Paws for Toffee every day for outdoor walks, both in and out of the city. My hope is that you and your dog will love Walkee Paws as much as I do! Next time you’re returning from your walk, take off your dog’s leggings like you do with your own shoes. Keep your dog and home clean inside, and leave the dirt outside!