First Time Directions


Step 1: Place the cord stopper in the middle of back with label pointing towards the back (and metal ring pointing forwards). Separate the 4 pieces to go towards each paw


Step 2: Standing over your dog, starting with the front paws, slip one paw at a time into each paw pocket.


Step 3: Tighten the straps for a snug fit by pushing in on the cord stopper and pulling the loops tight. If your dog has long hair, hold the stopper high to avoid catching hair.


Step 4: Position stopper towards dog’s shoulders so it will not slip off during walk. If you use a harness put on over Walkee Paws. You can Layer with your favorite coat for extra protection from the elements.


Step 5: To guarantee Walkee Paws stay on you can attach the metal ring to your dog’s collar or harness with the leash clip.


Cleaning Your Walkee Paws: Rinse rubber booties in cold water and hang to dry. If leggings gets soiled, machine wash in cold water and hang to dry


  • For the first few times you may need treat rewards for your dog, thereafter both of you will get used to it and it will be very quick and easy. 

  • Don't be concerned if your pooch does a strange walk for the first time while he gets used to them. 

  • If one of the paw pockets comes off during a walk it was not adjusted tight enough or the cord stopper was not positioned by your dog’s shoulders.