What makes Walkee Paws so special? 

With Walkee Paws, there’s finally an answer to walking your dog without tracking dirt and germs into your house. Walkee Paws are stretchy dog leggings with a patent-pending adjustable connector made to go over your dog’s back, designed with ease and comfort in mind for everyday dog walks. The leggings also keep paws dry and clean in cold, wet weather conditions.

Unlike regular dog booties, Walkee Paws don’t fit tightly around your dog’s ankles. Imagine the softest and stretchiest of leggings going on your dog instead! The thin rubber booties on the bottom allow your dog to feel the ground, mimicking a natural walking pattern without soles. The natural feel provides a much needed sense of security, giving your dog a comfortable and safe experience while using Walkee Paws.

Can my dog wear Walkee Paws when it snows or rains? 

Yes! We don’t stop at just everyday wear. Walkee Paws are designed to keep your dog’s paws clean and dry for snow and rain too. The leggings also prevent your dog’s delicate paws from exposure to snow, snow melt, salt and chemicals that are dangerous if ingested.

Will there be any issues when my dog poops or pees while wearing Walkee Paws? 

Not at all. Walkee Paws allow your dog to go potty without soiling the leggings. While many dogs step in their own urine after going, Walkee Paws ensure your dog’s paws remain dry and germ-free for a cleaner home environment.

What if I’ve tried dog booties before and my dog doesn’t like them? 

Walkee Paws provide a different experience for dogs compared to regular dog booties. Dogs aren’t fans of their paws being touched or the tightness that comes with booties. Walkee Paws are full-length leggings for your dog. Simply slip their paw into each legging and ta-da! Your dog can now walk in comfort and style.

With Walkee Paws, our number one priority is making sure your dog feels at ease and safe. The bootie part at the end of the legging is made from natural rubber, a thin material that mimics the natural sensations of walking on the ground without soles.

Walkee Paws booties create a higher quality sensory experience, giving your dog the sense of security he deserves.

What’s the best way to clean Walkee Paws? 

Easy! The best way to clean is by running the rubber booties under cold water to rinse off the dirt. Hang after for easy drying. When the entire legging gets dirty, wash them on your machine’s cold cycle and then hang to dry. Dry in the shade away from heat and keep away from fire always.

Any tips on helping me get them on my dog for the first time? 

Some dogs take to Walkee Paws right away, as the leggings are meant for maximum comfort. Other dogs may walk with a “high step” while adjusting to the new sensation. For your first experience with Walkee Paws, asking someone to hold your dog still is helpful as you both learn. 

While putting on the leggings, be sure to lean over your dog and position the cord stopper in the middle of your dog’s back, with the label facing the back of your dog’s legs. Simply slip their paws into each legging gently like a sling, front paws first and back paws second. Treat rewards work wonders as positive reinforcement too! 

What if Walkee Paws don’t stay on? 

A proper fit is extremely important to making sure the leggings work at their best. If one of the leggings comes off during the walk, the fit was probably not adjusted tightly enough on your dog’s back. To fix this, gently pull the cord stopper tighter for a more secure fit. You can also adjust each individual leg through the cord stopper to ensure a more snug experience. 

If the leggings slip off your dog’s back, then the Walkee Paws are probably not positioned correctly toward the front of your dog’s back. For extra security, you may also attach one of the loops to your dog’s collar or harness, guaranteeing the leggings stay on your dog the whole time. See fitting instructions for more details.

Why is the pricing different for each size?

Since there is a lot more fabric and rubber usage in larger versus smaller sizes, we need to charge more to cover costs. Variable pricing is customary with many pet apparel products.

What do I do if the size I bought does not fit my dog well? 

Simply send us an email Walkeepaws@walkeepaws.com. We’re happy to replace your Walkee Paws with the correct size. 

How long will my Walkee Paws last? 

Walkee Paws are made durable to last until damaged or in poor condition from consistent use. Ideally we suggest buying two pairs and alternating for longer wear.
The longevity of the product will vary with each dog depending on weather conditions, the size of your dog, the length of the walks and the outdoor walking surface. To get the most out of your Walkee Paws experience, keep your dog’s nails clipped short. 

Are there any safety tips? 

Walkee Paws are waterproof, meaning water can’t get in or out. Since dogs sweat through their paws, the paw is usually moist after removing the leggings. 

While your furry friend may want to wear Walkee Paws all day along, the leggings are designed only for outdoor dog walks.  Please supervise your dog(s) while wearing Walkee Paws.

Why don’t you have sizes available for very small and very large dogs? 

Our breed chart is designed to fit the majority of typical dog breeds. While we may not have an XS or very large size right now, we may develop those sizes in the future! 

What is the return policy?

100% refundable, after 2 weeks from delivery. Merchandise must be in salable condition.

Please email us at walkeepaws@walkeepaws.com to request a free return label (US ONLY).

What is the exchange policy?

To exchange your items, please return your unwanted item, and we will issue a refund.

You can then repurchase the correct item.